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Menu items in wrong order

Now that the module assignments are in place and the template is installed, it was time to inspect the layout. It all looked pretty ok! Until I noticed some weird thing with the submenu items. These were all in the wrong order. Somehow the conversion of menu-items doesn't work as planned because I now had to reorder every single submenu item ... That took me some time.

As you can see, the homepage is still pretty empty:

Screenshot 4 6 13 5 05 PM

Time to install some additional extensions like Cache Cleaner, Modules Anywhere, Display News and JCE.


Template migration

After the images I added the custom template to the 2.5 installation. I already did that a few weeks ago, but if want to know how, just use Google.



After that it was time to migate the images. This was just a matter of copying the /images folder of the 1.5 website to the 2.5 website.


AMM is migrated, but ...

All settings look fine in Advanced Module Manager. Until ... I found out that a module assignment was different in the 1.5 site than on the 2.5 site. I took a closer look in both databases and found out, that the module ID's were different!!! Shoot! Somehow jUpgrade Pro wasn't able to assign the same module ID's in the 2.5 database.

What to do now...? I have three options:

  1. Try to remigrate modules with SP Upgrade
  2. Manually correct the module assignments
  3. Lookup the ID differences and correct them in the database

After thinking some time about it I choose to go for option 3. So I created a list of modules and id's of the 1.5 database and also of the 2.5 database:

Screenshot 4 6 13 2 51 PM

This way I could create the proper SQL statements to import the correct module settings. After that, it all looked okay. For example for the Headerfoto Actueel module:

Joomla 1.5:

Screenshot 4 6 13 2 53 PM

Joomla 2.5:

Screenshot 4 6 13 2 54 PM


Migration of Advanced Module Manager

NoNumber's Advanced Module Manager (AMM) must be migrated too. This holds the assignments of all the modules. AMM stores its data in the database in the table #__advancedmodules. What I will do is the following:

  1. Export the #__advancedmodules table from the 1.5 database to a sql-dump with PHPMyAdmin
  2. Import the sql dump into the 2.5 database
  3. Install Advanced Module Manager

If all goes well, AMM should convert the data automatically and the assignments are there again. I hope :)


Users, Articles, Menus and Modules now done

Alle "core" content items for this site are now done. Better make an extra backup first :-) In case you're wondering where I am working on, let me explain.

I work on a Mac Mini that is equiped with lot of power "under the hood". It as 16 GB of internal memory, has the fastest processor available and it has a 1 GB fusion drive. This is a disk that has 200 GB of SSD storage and the rest is a conventional fast harddisk. On the Mac I use XAMPP so I can use as a complete webserver.

Because it is running OSX I can freely use my own bash scripts to do quick backups and restores. Here's what that looks like:

Screenshot 4 6 13 11 55 AM

I just type "jbackup" on the command prompt and a database dump is created and after that a zipfile is created with the full backup of the website. All this is just a matter of seconds.


Non successfull trial run ...

I first did a trial run for the modules and modules menus migration. These went fine, but after it was finished I found out that alle my articles and menu's were gone, argh...!

So it appears I will have to rerun this and then do articles, menu's, modules and modules menu's all in one batch... I went back up the backup of just after the users migration and setup jUpgrade Pro as follows:

Screenshot 4 6 13 11 45 AM

And that ran fine. Pfew !


Next up: modules

I find modules migration allways a bit more tricky. Custom (HTML) modules and menu modules will go fine, but on the Joomla 1.5 website I have also used a lot of Display News modules. And these can't be migrated automatically. I will do these by hand. So in order to prevent these modules to come into the 2.5 website I will remove these first and remove all unpublished modules as well.

There one other complicating thing here. I allways manage modules the NoNumber's Advanced Module Manager. So I will have to migrate these settings too. But that will come later.


Finally: menu's and articles in place

After missing my articles I re-migrated the articles. But then the menu's were gone... so weird. So I went back to the backup of before the content migration.

I then did a migration of content and menu's at the same time. And that went fine... To bad there's nothing about this in the documentation. Next steps tomorrow.


Whoops: articles are gone

After the migration of the menu's, the articles are gone... Categories and users are still there. Now re-migrating the articles ...


Next: menus and menu items

Next up is the conversion of menu's and menu items. Before I started the conversion, I emptied the menu trash can on the Joomla 1.5 website first.

Screenshot 4 5 13 10 24 PM

After that alle menu's are converted. Here are the Joomla 1.5 menu's:

Screenshot 4 5 13 10 27 PM

And here are the Joomla 2.5 menu's:

Screenshot 4 5 13 10 28 PM


SP Upgrade worked but ...

SP Upgrade ran fine to convert the content. I got a lot of duplicate alias messages however. So I investigated through PHPMyAdmin if this was the case. And indeed, I found a lot of articles with the same alias. This was caused by a lot of articles being in the trash can ...

So I cleared the trash can on the 1.5 website and reran a content migration with jUpgrade Pro first. And ... success!

Screenshot 4 5 13 9 53 PM

So lesson learned here: clear your trash cans before migrating content.


Bad luck, swithing over to SP Upgrade

I tried running the import three more times. By using the database option (doesn't start at all) and the RESTful option with various Limit settings (no clue what that does)... Unfortunately every time it stops after 457 content items. I will now switch over to SP Upgrade. Luckily I have backups between all stops to reverting back to a stable situation is pretty easy.


Migration is stuck ...

Migration of articles seems to stop after 457 items ... :-(

Screenshot 4 5 13 9 22 PM

Counter doesn't continue... I will try a restart and if that doesn't help I will switch over to SP Upgrade.


Migration of articles

After successfull migration of the users, the next step is the migration of section, categories, articles and frontpage items. Selections made in jUpgradePro:

Screenshot 4 5 13 9 12 PM

Migration in progress:

Screenshot 4 5 13 9 14 PM


Setup of jUpgrade Pro

I have configured jUpgrade Pro as follows to do the migration:

  • Migration method: database
  • Database driver MySQL (the Joomla 1.5 database runs MySQL)
  • Hostname, Username, Password, Database name, Prefix: configured to match the Joomla 1.5 settings
  • I will convert part by part, so, users first, then content etc.
  • I will begin with users
  • Keep template positions: yes

I then tried an initial transfer of ther users. Bummer ... jUpgradePro seemed to freeze.

For my second attempt I set jUpgradePro to use RESTful. After configurating it, I installed the free restful system plugin in the 1.5 website. Then I tried starting the migration of the users. That did the trick. Users and groups are now migrating.

Migrating users:

Screenshot 4 5 13 9 06 PM

Migrating groups:

Screenshot 4 5 13 9 08 PM


Installing jUpgrade Pro

I will install jUpgradePro to do the content and users migration. jUpgradePro can be used in two ways: Database and RESTful. I will be using the Database method. Important aspect of using jUpgradePro: you have to install an empty Joomla 2.5 website. So do not install example content!


Joomla 1.5 Intranet restored

After a few attempts I managed to create a working backup on the Joomla 1.5 Intranet with AkeebaBackup. Initially I saved a 5.5 GB backup to disk but that couldn't be restored successfully. So I had to login over a vpn connection to the website and create a new backup, leaving out the DocMan documents and PhocaGalleries.

I tried to upload that through FTP but that didn't work. FTP traffic was blocked on the firewall. So I downloaded that backup (186 MB) and managed to send that with Wetransfer.

I just restored the backup and created a new empty Joomla 2.5 website.


Intranet migration to Joomla 2.5

Today and the rest of the weekend I will be working on the migration of a large Intranet based on Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 2.5. Lot's of challenges, because there is a custom template, custom extensions and lot of content. Stay tuned!