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Users, Articles, Menus and Modules now done

Alle "core" content items for this site are now done. Better make an extra backup first :-) In case you're wondering where I am working on, let me explain.

I work on a Mac Mini that is equiped with lot of power "under the hood". It as 16 GB of internal memory, has the fastest processor available and it has a 1 GB fusion drive. This is a disk that has 200 GB of SSD storage and the rest is a conventional fast harddisk. On the Mac I use XAMPP so I can use as a complete webserver.

Because it is running OSX I can freely use my own bash scripts to do quick backups and restores. Here's what that looks like:

Screenshot 4 6 13 11 55 AM

I just type "jbackup" on the command prompt and a database dump is created and after that a zipfile is created with the full backup of the website. All this is just a matter of seconds.