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Setup of jUpgrade Pro

I have configured jUpgrade Pro as follows to do the migration:

  • Migration method: database
  • Database driver MySQL (the Joomla 1.5 database runs MySQL)
  • Hostname, Username, Password, Database name, Prefix: configured to match the Joomla 1.5 settings
  • I will convert part by part, so, users first, then content etc.
  • I will begin with users
  • Keep template positions: yes

I then tried an initial transfer of ther users. Bummer ... jUpgradePro seemed to freeze.

For my second attempt I set jUpgradePro to use RESTful. After configurating it, I installed the free restful system plugin in the 1.5 website. Then I tried starting the migration of the users. That did the trick. Users and groups are now migrating.

Migrating users:

Screenshot 4 5 13 9 06 PM

Migrating groups:

Screenshot 4 5 13 9 08 PM